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O F   S E N S U A L   W O R D S

Soulful Insights #5

L O V E   W I L L   C A R R Y   Y O U   T H R O U G H .

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A love poem about 2am wide awake moments

We sit here with juvenile, half cooked veggies 
blossoming into over cooked veggies because we've been
thinking too much. 
Too hot you say. 
I say give me more. 
When the cold may mornings creep around the corner 
And I never want to leave home because of the way your face is
softly folded into the white pillow filled with
feathery dreams of longing. 

We sit together with our naked bodies
wrapped up in ocean blue sheets while the
silence wraps our souls up with love for those 
empty moments in the middle of the night.
When the leaves start falling in late September
on the cushions of our newly invested dreams
we begin to see tenderness grow in between
piles of our colorful love.

We sit soaking in the warm lavender filled
bath, with our limbs 
organically reaching out for one another,
growing together like branches of a tree - because
together - we are rooted.
When the water drains from the tub 
our pruney fingers reach up for the sky as if to say
that our love reaches that high,
and our feet begin to reach towards the dark brown earth
early in the morning to dig our toes into
the wide space of new beginnings. 

It is here to stay.
So I say don't ever diminish our love.
Life says it won't.

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Soulful Insights #4

Y O U R   P R E S E N C E   C H A N G E S   E V E R Y T H I N G .

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